Episode 12

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9th Oct 2019

STOIC POETRY | A house called Stoic

October 9, 2019 | Dear Eric, My home was found at last with a school and way called Stoic. You never knew this journey, I think. We both missed it back then. What a difference this thinking and living may have made. The terms of Temperance, Fortitude, Limits, Apathy and Indifference may alone have saved your life.

I'm sorely tempted to slip my humble book under the door of the house called Stoic. I wonder if it'll fit through so gaping a crack?

This isn't because my story is so much, but that it may be too much. Could I not have said the same thing with far fewer words? Could not a greater economy of expression have conveyed these ideas better? Or more concisely? Or with greater accuracy towards the mark? How can I align my Objectives and Principles with a discipline of which I am such a novice? Should I not instead place my little guide upon some other shelf, or at the edge of my desk or better still into the desk drawer? Wouldn't this be the more modest and reserved thing to do? How much better to answer Stoic principles with Stoic modesty and ways? Perhaps... Yet, I must also answer to my own judgement and call to arms. And my judgement declares my work Stoic. And my call to arms demands I seek alignment with this tribe.

And so, I will call my work Stoic. And I will share it as such. And speak of it as such. And live my Objectives and Principles as though they were Stoic objects. And thus, I will live my life and share my story. A Stoic life and story. The story of Going Alone and the story of The Good Life.

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Stoic Poetry
A Stoic theory of life adventure | Be safe...but not too safe.
There’s little good news in nature. The universe seems incapable of care, or of opinion, or of preference regarding right or wrong, good or bad, or what constitutes a just and virtuous society or life. The universe’s first opinion on these matters is evident in the dead, bleak environment of space and time; the restless progress of all order in the direction of entropy, and the cold indifference of matter and energy everywhere - where the curious phenomenon of life appears like some strange, exotic exception to a rule of inorganic truth. So, what do we do with this fact? How do we prevent a slide into nihilism? How do we keep our upright posture while our legs buckle and give way as our mind struggles to accept a reality the facts cannot seemingly deny? This project takes on this challenge.

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