Episode 41

Published on:

25th Apr 2020

STOIC POETRY | A Stoic returning home

I might go out Into life,

To see what is there,

And then return in peace.

Or, I might stay,

Seeking peace;

Wondering always...

What there is.

There's always that question of what might be found if we go out into the world, if we quit what we know and take on what we do not. But then, what would we miss of what we have when we seek for something else?

I imagine there is goodness in staying put. There is comfort in remaining where we are familiar, and in the place where we are known, and where we seem to know. That's the rub right there... The thinking that we know. That's why I choose to go - not for adventure, nor for change, or for fortune, fame or even the sweet savor of what is new; but to avoid the dangerous #distraction of believing that I know. I don't know. And I want to remember always that I do not know. So, I'll go out...and I'll see what is - or isn't - there; and I'll return in either peace, or confusion, or stark terror - or maybe I won't return at all - and I'll do so for the sake of the mission of not knowing; for the blessed knowledge and remembrance of just how ignorant, frail and weak I really am.

That's a good way to live. A Stoic going out. A Stoic returning home.

My name is Kurt Bell. You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe...but not too safe.

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Stoic Poetry
A Stoic theory of life adventure | Be safe...but not too safe.
There’s little good news in nature. The universe seems incapable of care, or of opinion, or of preference regarding right or wrong, good or bad, or what constitutes a just and virtuous society or life. The universe’s first opinion on these matters is evident in the dead, bleak environment of space and time; the restless progress of all order in the direction of entropy, and the cold indifference of matter and energy everywhere - where the curious phenomenon of life appears like some strange, exotic exception to a rule of inorganic truth. So, what do we do with this fact? How do we prevent a slide into nihilism? How do we keep our upright posture while our legs buckle and give way as our mind struggles to accept a reality the facts cannot seemingly deny? This project takes on this challenge.

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