Episode 35

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4th Nov 2019

STOIC POETRY | To experience the cold and the dark

November 4, 2019 | Dear Eric, I've noticed a new trend in my thinking and writing... I've been coming upon the theme of fire often. Not fire, as in burning fire, but fire as a sort of symbol and emblem for the need we have to come together and keep back the night. It's a curious thing this community we seek—this community of warmth. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised though, as we humans seem to like being together. I think this is because when we are with others we feel more alive than we do when we're alone. Maybe this is why we like to die in the company of friends and family—or maybe friends and family simply prefer we die with them? As there's warmth and comfort around the glow of one-another. But, there's also a denial of sorts, and a distance of a sort, and a seeming refusal to face straight and plain what is... I think this is one reason we form friendships, and one reason we join clubs, and a reason to align our ideas and our actions, and our clothing, and the look of our yards and even the gods we say are true... Just imagine a world otherwise... A world where every man and woman was a culture of their own. Where each of us held sound-seeming perspective of our own view; the result of our own lives, and the bias of our unique biology, upbringing and experience. Would such a system work? Would a community of such individuals succeed or fail before it even got started? I don't think we can know...as I don't think we have the ability to live such lives en-mass. It seems we can only do this by ones and twos and ones again. Only sometimes do people appear among us who wish to live away from the fire. Maybe it's a fluke in their nature? Maybe they—we—are broken in some way? Those of us who are not attracted to the fire so much, and who would rather wander away into the cold and the dark to experience...the cold and the dark.

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There’s little good news in nature. The universe seems incapable of care, or of opinion, or of preference regarding right or wrong, good or bad, or what constitutes a just and virtuous society or life. The universe’s first opinion on these matters is evident in the dead, bleak environment of space and time; the restless progress of all order in the direction of entropy, and the cold indifference of matter and energy everywhere - where the curious phenomenon of life appears like some strange, exotic exception to a rule of inorganic truth. So, what do we do with this fact? How do we prevent a slide into nihilism? How do we keep our upright posture while our legs buckle and give way as our mind struggles to accept a reality the facts cannot seemingly deny? This project takes on this challenge.

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