Episode 21

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18th Oct 2019

Up before dawn

October 18, 2019 | Dear Eric, Why bother waking if only to then rest with our eyes wide open? Are there not better ways to improve the world than as an inanimate living corpse; reclining and at ease while daylight surges overhead and necessity demands a helping hand? Sure, we need our rest. But is it not better to sleep long and full by night to then rise and engage long and full by day? I'm not suggesting we never rest—but only that rest be found in its proper season and in such a way as to be in harmony with nature and the judicious and modest use of our time.

I did not rise this morning for ease or leisure, but to spite my lack of ease or leisure.

And what if I've no chance of leisure, despite my fatigue or sense of having earned a rest? Well, what then better way to couple resolve with the fact of necessity, or our current circumstance, to then form virtue of worthy action, words and outlook? Such a blessing to work when we must, despite our desire to rest when necessary work must yet be done.

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